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As a preeminent destination for those studying the practical application of informatics, our faculty and students represent an unrivaled collection of pioneers in the field. Working together, we can harness the power of informatics to improve how we live, transform how we work and reimagine what we build.

Collaborate with us on research relevant to your organization, combining your unique environment and knowledge with our expertise.

For example, SAP has collaborated with Informatics faculty and students to design new ways of software lightening the administrative load of physicians. eBay sought us out to partner on predicting potential defects that may lead to out-of-service level agreements, driven by a desire to improve customer experience. Informatics researchers have also collaborated with Toyota to provide Aira, a visual interpreter service, to local community members to with visual disabilities. These are just a few examples of our research partnerships.

Our interests are broad. Reach out to us to learn how we can engage in conversations and partner on cutting-edge research that helps shape the 21st century. To learn more, contact our Associate Director of Corporate Relations, Jason King, at