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Student Groups

Our undergraduate students engage with campus life through UC Irvine’s many clubs and organizations, including ASUCI (Associated Students – University of California, Irvine) — the officially recognized undergraduate student government. They also form informal study groups and take part in intramural sports through the Anteater Recreation Center.

Several groups are dedicated to undergraduate students in the department; we strongly encourage our students to participate in these groups to complement and enrich their academic experience.

ICS Student Council

The ICS Student Council is the official student government for the Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences. Its aim is to improve the lives of students academically, professionally, and socially. The ICS Student Council hosts career information nights with companies such as Google, Blizzard, Accenture and numerous others; organizes training sessions in which students teach each other about new and upcoming technologies; and performs resume-writing and interview-training sessions. In addition, it is responsible for a series of very popular social events, including ICS Day (featuring games, coding competitions, dance crew performances and the infamous dunk tank and inflatable jousting), reverse career fairs (where students demo their work to prospective employers) and app jams (themed competitions to design and implement new apps).


The Video Game Development Club is dedicated to anyone interested in video games and game development, with the particular objective of supporting students in developing portfolios, enhancing skills and connecting to industry professionals. VDGC always has an active set of projects on which anyone can choose to work to learn new game design techniques, hone artistic skills or simply learn about new game development platforms. The club holds weekly workshops on topics such as 3D art, design, programming and project management. It also organizes the annual Game Developers Week, which is UCI’s very own implementation of the Game Developers Conference (GDC), featuring speakers from game companies in the area (e.g., Obsidian, Blizzard).


Management Information Student Society is tailored to the interests of business information management majors at UCI as well as those interested in business and technology. MAISS aims to provide professional opportunity, an academic community and a strong social network. It offers training sessions, holds beach bonfire, and organizes a popular annual spring banquet. MAISS regularly brings in professionals to talk about such topics as consulting, startups and entrepreneurship.


The mission of Women in Computer Sciences is to encourage women to pursue a college degree and a successful career in the computer science field by offering the resources they need to excel in their degrees from freshman to senior year. WICS provides professional and technical workshops, academic tutoring, leadership and team building projects, as well as numerous opportunities for women to connect with companies and alumni. It hosts peer-networking and mentorship events to foster community and to inspire collaboration on extracurricular projects.

ACM UC Irvine Student Chapter

The Association for Computing Machinery is the world’s largest society of information technology students and professionals. The UC Irvine student chapter represents the needs of the UCI computing community, and hosts regular workshops to share knowledge and hosts presentations by distinguished speakers about new ideas. The chapter also is actively engaged in preparing teams for various programming competitions, such as the ACM Intercollegiate Programming Competition and IEEExtreme.