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The B.S. in information and computer science is our original major and has been in existence for decades. As the field broadened, however, it became sufficiently difficult to meaningfully cover all relevant areas and maintain a coherent degree program. The other majors offered by the department (informatics, business information management, computer game science, software engineering ), as well as the other majors in the school (computer science, computer science and engineering ), are the direct result of carefully restructuring the original major into streamlined programs that better match today’s computing landscape.

In honor of the thousands of successful alumni of the major, however, the information and computer science major is now a by-petition major for current students for whom the existing set of majors does not quite match their interest. With proper motivation related to future career desires, these students can self-design a curriculum of choice and petition to the Bren School’s Associate Dean for Student Affairs to be an information and computer science major.

More information

Current UCI students interested in learning more about the information and computer science major and how to petition with a distinctive, self-designed set of courses are encouraged to contact our vice chair for undergraduate affairs or call our Student Affairs Office at 949-824-5156 to make an appointment or to inquire about campus visit opportunities.