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Are you interested in business as much as technology? Do you want to learn how to build a data-driven sales and marketing plan? Would you love a career at one of the major consulting firms? Do you like to solve analytical problems? Do you want to be part of a highly interdisciplinary team setting corporate strategy? If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, UC Irvine’s business information management major just might be the choice for you.

What will I learn?

The B.S. in business information management is designed around a set of core courses that introduce the fundamentals of computing (programming, requirements analysis, information retrieval and visualization, databases), business (accounting, finance, marketing, management), and analytical methods (statistics, economics, business intelligence, decision analysis). From there, more than two dozen electives offer students the chance to specialize in topics as diverse as global strategy, branding and design, social and organizational aspects of computing, project management and more.

Throughout the major, you study a variety of business cases and gain hands-on experience in a variety of forums. Projects range from learning to understand and use technology that gathers data, to practicing methods and techniques for distilling that data into meaningful information, to analyzing and proposing strategic directions. Many projects are inspired by past and current real-world situations, providing you with practice directly relevant to your future career.

Overall, the major strongly emphasizes how raw business data is gathered, stored, analyzed and distilled into valuable strategic information, all with a proper understanding of the technical, social, ethical and organizational challenges that are involved. Additionally, students learn how to adapt to ever-changing business conditions — whether it is new disruptive technologies, trends, rules and regulations or corporate strategies.


Because technology drives nearly all aspects of business and innovation today, demand for business information management majors is strong. The majority finds employment at consulting companies, though many find a home in specialized industries as well. Many squarely focus on joining for-profit organizations; others succeed in bringing their skills to and excelling at nonprofits. Of course, graduate school in business, information systems, informatics, law or related field is a career path that some of our students also choose to take after they complete the major.


We welcome students with a variety of backgrounds. We have had many students join who were more interested in the computing aspects of the major, others who were more interested in the business and analytical aspects. Both groups are successful in the major. If you have an interest in solving problems, aspire to creative thinking and have an affinity with business and organizational concerns, business information management can be for you.

Why business information management at UC Irvine?

  • Excellence. You will be part of a world-class group of faculty and staff who have an outstanding track record of delivering innovative educational experiences in — and beyond — the classroom.
  • Depth. With no fewer than ten courses dedicated to business information management, and dozens more on topics closely surrounding it, you receive an education that prepares you very well for the many challenges that will arise in your future career.
  • Connections. Our alumni have gone on to study in some of the most prestigious Ph.D. programs; work for well-known, innovative corporations; and found successful startups. We stay in touch with them, and can help connect you for internships that complement your studies.
  • Location. Orange County has a vibrant business community, with, as just a few examples, numerous financial, biomedical, consulting, entertainment and real-estate companies around.

Detailed requirements

Please see the catalogue for a detailed description of the requirements of the Business Information Management major.

More information

Prospective and current UCI students interested in learning more about the business information management major are encouraged to contact our vice chair for undergraduate affairs or call our Student Affairs Office at 949-824-5156 to make an appointment or to inquire about campus visit opportunities.