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[h2-top]Ph.D. Informatics[/h2-top]

Why did you choose UC Irvine for your graduate studies?

UC Irvine is well known not only for being a top program in human-computer
interaction but also for its incredible environment. The advice I was given
when choosing a program was to pick a place where I could really see myself
living for the duration of my research, and UCI is that place. My colleagues
here at UCI have become like a family to me, and I wouldn’t have it any
other way.

What has been your favorite class so far?

My favorite class is actually a series; I really enjoyed the Full Fundamentals
of Research series in the Informatics program (IN4MATX 201, 203 and 205).
It’s not something I’ve seen done elsewhere, but it is incredibly useful in
gaining a firm understanding of a multitude of research methods. This is not
only vital to better understanding different approaches to your own work,
but also in evaluating and appreciating the work of others in the community.

Have you had any internships or jobs?

Yes, I interned for Fuji-Xerox, where I built a real-time WebRTC-based
communication system for telehealth. I completed a study on the system
and published a paper at the ACM Conference on Computer-Supported
Cooperative Work (CSCW).

Have you been involved in any research?

I’ve been involved in research since day one at UCI, which I think is a
wonderful part of this program. I’m specializing in the design and evaluation
of healthcare and assistive technologies, and there are so many
opportunities for research and great people to work with here at UCI.

What has been the best part of your experience so far?

Definitely the environment. Having a workplace full of such friendly people
has made this program a great experience.

What has been the most unexpected part of your experience?

The program is much more flexible than I expected, which has been great. I
have been able to carve my own path by selecting courses that directly
apply to my research, which is incredibly fulfilling.

What are your aspirations for the future?

I haven’t yet settled on whether I’d like to continue with academia or go into industry, but no matter which path I choose, I know I will be prepared. This
program has given me the skill set to succeed in either.

Any advice for prospective graduate students interested in the program?

Don’t be worried about knowing exactly what you want to do from the get-go. It’s normal to take some time and explore your interests a little.


“My colleagues here at UCI have become like a family to me, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”