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Participating in research is a fabulous way of enhancing the undergraduate academic experience. It offers the chance to be on the forefront of science, explore and contribute to exciting new inventions, and assess how those inventions affect the lives of people – all while working with some of the best researchers in the field.

Many professors in the Department of Informatics regularly mentor undergraduate students. We encourage participation in all aspects of the research, from formulating projects and deciding on research trajectories, to hands-on field and development work, to collaborating with other team members and authoring publications. As a result, our students have been first authors on papers, presented at conferences, demoed their work to researchers from all over the world, and become integral members of the research fabric of the department.

Experience in research is often a springboard for graduate school and frequently makes the difference in a job interview as well. It is an opportunity to hone skills that go beyond “simply” studying as part of the regular courses, as well as to turn your passion into something unique for your resume. The campus, too, is very supportive of undergraduate research, with many of our students participating in such programs as SURP, SURF-IT, UROP, ID-SURE, UC-LEADS, and the annual undergraduate research symposium.

If you are curious about undergraduate research, use this website to find possible projects and faculty members of interest, and feel free to contact professors directly expressing your interest. Alternatively, make an appointment with our vice chair for undergraduate affairs to talk it over and get some pointers. We look forward to hearing from you!