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Every Friday from 2-4 p.m. during the academic year, the department organizes a Friday seminar, for which it typically brings in outside speakers. All seminars are open to anyone who wants to attend, and is followed by a social hour with drinks and snacks. The seminars are an excellent opportunity to be inspired by what others are doing, learn about the state of the art and interact with influential researchers from across the world.

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Spring 2019 Seminars:

  • April 5

    “The Myth of Patient Engagement: Unpacking Patient Work in the Digital Age”

    Yunan Chen
    Associate Professor, Department of Informatics, UCI

  • April 12

    “Never Alone: How Collaboration Has Changed and Is Changing in Software Development”

    Daniela Damian
    Professor, Department of Computer Science, University of Victoria
    ISR Distinguished Speaker Series

  • April 19

    “Why AI Needs Human-Centered Design”

    James Guszcza
    Chief Data Scientist, Deloitte

  • April 26

    “There at the Beginning: The Olsons Tell the Story of HCI and CSCW From Their Own Experiences”

    Judy and Gary Olson
    Bren Professors of Information and Computer Sciences Emerita/Emeritus, Department of Informatics, UCI

  • May 3

    “Seeing Like a Supply Chain”

    Miriam Posner
    Assistant Professor, School of Information, UCLA

  • May 17

    “Designing and Envisioning Digital Tools for Low-Resource Job Seekers”

    Tawanna Dillahunt
    Assistant Professor, School of Information, University of Michigan

  • May 24

    “Positive Computing for Digital Well-Being”

    Uichin Lee
    Associate Professor, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)

  • May 31

    “Designing for Personalized Tracking Experience to Empower People”

    Eun Kyoung Choe
    Assistant Professor, College of Information Studies, University of Maryland, College Park

  • June 7

    “Software Developer Diversity and Inclusion”

    Emerson Murphy-Hill
    Staff Research Scientist, Google
    ISR Southern California Software Engineering Symposium Keynote Speaker (3-4 p.m.)

Winter 2019 Seminars:

  • March 15

    “Marrying Humanities with the Empirical to Learn from and Design for Subcultures”

    Norman Makoto Su
    Assistant Professor of Informatics, Indiana University Bloomington

  • March 8

    “Participatory Design for Inclusion and Empowerment”

    Foad Hamidi
    Research Assistant Professor, University of Maryland, Baltimore County

  • March 1

    “Turning Social Computing Research into Products”

    Andrés Monroy-Hernández
    Lead Research Scientist, Snap Inc.

  • February 22

    “What’s Possible in Schools? An Example of a Learning Environment That Puts
    Youth Agency, Interest, and Learning From Each Other at the Center of the Action”

    Reed Stevens
    Professor, Learning Sciences, Northwestern University

  • February 15

    “Designing Technology for Values-Driven Learning”

    Betsy DiSalvo
    Associate Professor, School of Interactive Computing, Georgia Institute of Technology

  • February 8

    “Building Emotionally Intelligent AI: From Sensing to Synthesis”

    Daniel McDuff
    Researcher, Microsoft

  • February 1

    “Disobedient Innovation”

    Nicolas Maigret and Maria Roszkowska
    Artists and Researchers,

  • January 25

    “Computing for a Future of Decreased and Redistributed Global Growth”

    Bill Tomlinson
    Professor, Department of Informatics, UC Irvine

  • January 18

    “Software, Logic, and Automata: Automating Dependability of Software”

    Tevfik Bultan
    Professor, Department of Computer Science, UC Santa Barbara
    *ISR Distinguished Speaker Series

  • January 11

    “Learning Programming at Scale: Code, Data, and Environment”

    Philip Guo
    Assistant Professor of Cognitive Science and Affiliate Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Engineering, UC San Diego

Fall 2018 Seminars: